Industrial Era consequnces

We are sure that a paper on child labor, which you have to prepare, will make you shocked. For instance, do you know that more than 200 million children aged between 5 and 17 have to work? Only this number can shock anyone who even feels indifferent to kids and childhood.


After researching this topic deeper, you will discover other shocking facts and statistics. Do not hesitate to use those facts provided by mypaperswriting in your child labor essay.


Well, what else should you touch upon in your paper on child labor? We are glad to help you a little and provide several pointers for writing papers on child labor. Yet, first you have to decide whether you want to investigate some historical aspects of the problem or study current issues.


Papers on child labor: if you want to study the history of the problem


The problem of child labor became widespread in 1870s, during the Industrial Revolution era. With the development of technologies, the demand for work force also increased. That is why hiring poor children who would work for low wages became popular.


In your paper on child labor, you may talk about the following:

conditions in which children worked;

several cases when children were badly injured at work, e.g. the case of Camella Teoli;

beginning of the Children’s Labor Movement, strikes;

important documents that were released to protect children (Fair Labor Standards Act).

Papers on child labor: current issues


Today, despite all the measures taken, millions of children remain unprotected and have to work. Discuss the following points in your paper on child labor:

hazardous industries where kids work (coal mining, brick-making factories, etc.);

physical and psychological harm;

pros and cons of child labor. Some people think that it is better to work rather than resort to prostitution or some illegal actions.

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